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Regardless of whether challenges are immediate or years away, Medicus has the health economic and access strategy expertise to help identify, demonstrate, and communicate value throughout the product journey.

Evidence Generation

Complex analytics to
produce straightforward
& actionable insights

Transform data into knowledge

Evidence forms the foundation of every value story. Careful data analytics can reveal opportunities for improving patient outcomes and maximizing value. We apply advanced methodologies to a broad array of data sources—tailoring the approach and resources for each engagement—to deliver insights that guide the value story.

Value Demonstration

Value framing,
modeling, And

Using today's data to guide tomorrow's decisions

Developing a cohesive value story from different data sources can be challenging. We partner with our clients to create and optimize models which answer complex questions and drive strategic decisions. We have extensive experience building models in health care that help our clients with critical business decisions and regulatory submissions.

Access Strategy & Policy

Value story

development & strategic
evidence planning

Market research and commercial support to steer strategic decisions

As the global healthcare industry becomes more complex, successfully navigating access and policy channels is becoming critical for delivering innovative therapies to patients. At Medicus, we leverage deep industry experience, innovative market research, and hands-on commercial support to guide policy and access decisions for our clients.

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We help build the value story and communicate with decision makers throughout the product journey.

We combine analytical expertise with industry knowledge to provide tailored solutions for our clients.

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Real-World Evidence Generation

Patient support programs aim to help patients adhere to prescribed treatment; however, their benefits for patients and providers have not been quantified. We conducted studies to demonstrate short- and long-term benefits of patient support programs to patients and payers.

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Value Demonstration

Gene therapies present lifelong cures for patients but novel reimbursement challenges for payers. We balanced methodological rigor with a creative approach to support the first-ever approved gene therapy.

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Access Strategy

Determining the appropriate price for new treatments can be challenging, especially for innovative therapies which elevate the standard of care for patients. Using a multi-pronged market research approach, we enabled our client to optimize their pricing strategy while generating robust evidence to clearly communicate the value proposition to economic-decision makers.

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Policy Analysis

Reimbursement restrictions can provide short-term savings for payers but have unintended and negative consequences for patients. Using real-world data, we showed the harmful effects of copay accumulator adjustment programs on specialty drug adherence.

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Regardless of whether challenges are immediate or years away, Medicus can help identify, demonstrate, and communicate a product’s value story.

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