Case Study

Evidence Generation

planning to support
value demonstration
and market access

The Question

Our client was a small company bringing its first product to market in the United States.

After receiving expedited review, they realized they needed a strategy for generating high-quality evidence to support value demonstration and market access. They approached Medicus with a question: how should we strategically generate new evidence to support our product through launch and beyond?

The Approach

We supported our client’s evidence generation planning with the following steps:

  1. We organized cross-functional discussions with the client team to understand key elements of the product value story.

  2. We developed recommendations for analyses and market access models that our client would need for optimal pricing and market access.

  3. We identified gaps in the published evidence and opportunities to fill gaps with original research.

  4. We helped our client develop a prioritized evidence generation plan, accounting for time and resource constraints prior to launch.

  5. Over time, we collaborated with our client to refine the evidence generation plan as new regulatory, policy, and access needs arose.

Long And

Of it

With a nearly infinite number of evidence generation activities to choose from, developing a robust evidence generation plan can be daunting.

By taking a structured, commercial-first approach to evidence generation, we provided our client with a concrete plan to prioritize meaningful analyses and support optimal pricing and market access.