Case Study

How do you

the value
of Patient
Support Programs?

The Question

Medication adherence can be daunting for many patients, especially those on long-term therapies.

Enter: Patient Support Programs (PSPs). These far-reaching programs are designed to support patients in starting and staying on treatment. But these programs are a significant investment. Our client wanted to know — was their PSP really helping patients the way they intended it to?

The Approach

Together with our client, we developed a research plan that enabled us to answer this question with real-world data.

We linked PSP data from our client with claims data and compared outcomes between enrolled vs. non-enrolled patients. We collaborated with clinical experts to select outcomes that were meaningful to both patients and their care teams.

The Results

Our findings showed that PSP enrollment was associated with better outcomes.

Enrolled patients were more adherent to treatment and experienced fewer hospital visits.

Long And

Of it

Our client wanted to better quantify the real-world value of their PSP.

Our team worked closely with the client and subject matter experts to design a research plan with meaningful outcomes. Results of our analysis suggest that PSP programs lead to better health outcomes for patients.