Case Study

Taking the Pulse

of Industry Trends
and Policies

The Question

With a constantly evolving landscape of regulations and policies, it can be difficult to understand which healthcare trends will impact decisions for a given therapy.

Our client was developing a new gene therapy and wanted to understand how patient, provider, and payer perceptions of gene therapies were evolving. Our client approached us with the following question: how will industry trends and policies impact strategic decisions for our new gene therapy?

The Approach

To help our client understand the evolving landscape for gene therapies, we first reviewed existing literature, press releases, regulatory announcements, and policy papers to develop initial hypotheses on industry trends.

We reviewed findings with our client to identify questions that could not be answered with publicly available information. With this set of questions in mind, we conducted primary research with commercial health plans and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to test our hypotheses and fill knowledge gaps.

Long And

Of it

We synthesized publicly available information to inform our client of relevant industry trends.

When we encountered important gaps in the existing data, we turned to in-depth interviews with payers to generate new information for our client. Together, our findings were used to inform strategic pricing, contracting, and value communication decisions for our client.