Modeling & Value


Using today’s evidence to guide tomorrow’s decisions

Developing a cohesive value story from disparate pieces of evidence can be challenging. At best, it can be complicated when done well and, at worst, misleading when done poorly.

We partner with our clients to create and optimize models that answer complex questions and drive strategic decisions. We have extensive experience building health economics models that help our clients with critical business decisions and regulatory submissions.

Value Demonstration

Data Dots

Well-designed models frame the scope of how ‘value’ can be defined, summarize expected sources of value, identify evidence gaps, and inform strategic decision making.


Early-stage Modeling

Construct the framework from which value can be defined

Estimate the potential of novel therapies with limited evidence

Develop an understanding of disease-specific key value drivers

Identify vital evidence gaps in the value story


Cost-effectiveness Modeling

Estimate the impact of treatment decisions on health outcomes

Quantify impacts on cost of care and quality of life

Support regulatory submissions

Inform regulatory policy and treatment practice


Budget impact models

Summarize costs associated with coverage decisions

Test uncertainty around patient populations

Provide a foundation for payer negotiations


Network meta-analyses & indirect treatment comparisons

Synthesize a broad array of evidence into controlled comparisons

Simulate a direct cohort study using available evidence

Identify comparative benefits of specific treatments when evidence is lacking or insufficient

Putting it in Context

Why it Matters

From early-stage development to payer negotiations, Medicus’ modeling initiatives help to guide value demonstration throughout the product life cycle

Identifying value

Early-stage modeling provides crucial insights into the relative importance of evidence inputs and gaps. Developing early-stage models can also help to avoid pitfalls in value demonstration. Highlighting key drivers of value and crucial gaps can guide research strategy leading up to successful launch and beyond.

Demonstrating value

Lots of data is generated over the life cycle of a therapy. Modeling provides a single place to synthesize data using an organized structure. Modeling provides a key tool to quantify the impact of treatment on health outcomes and test key assumptions.

Delivering value

Increasingly, regulatory authorities and payers require robust models to support coverage decisions. Bulletproof models provide the foundation for successful negotiations and optimizing market opportunities.

Communicating value

Whether a scientific publication, payer tool, or health technology assessment, transparency in the construction, parameterization, and interpretation of models builds trust in the value story.

The Medicus Approach to

Value Demonstration


We rely on
deep experience

We draw on our extensive experience to build custom models specific to our clients’ needs. We lead and generate innovation in the field of value demonstration, both in terms of perspective and execution.


We ask the
right questions

We work closely with our clients to understand the key questions and opportunities. Then, we tailor our models to provide answers that make a difference. Because we build custom models, they are not limited in the insights they can provide.



We ensure that your product's value story is communicated clearly to key stakeholders and decision makers throughout its journey to market and beyond.

Case Studies

Case Studies for
Value Demonstration

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