Value &
Access Strategy

Market research and commercial insight to guide strategic decisions

The global healthcare industry is becoming more complex - successfully navigating regulatory, market access and policy channels is critical for timely delivery of novel therapies. At Medicus, we leverage deep industry experience, innovative market research, and commercial experience to guide value and access strategies for our clients.

Value & Access Strategy

How we help
navigate the global
healthcare market

Medicus helps clients generate and analyze information needed for strategic decisions. Our data-driven approach helps clients understand and respond to market trends, access hurdles, and and evidence needs.


Value story development

In-depth interviews and advisory boards with payers, providers, patients, and caregivers to generate and test key value messages

Patient journey mapping and modeling to assess the current care landscape

Data-driven landscape assessments to identify market opportunities and challenges


Evidence generation planning

Evaluate evidence needs to support key value messages

Generate early-stage models and literature reviews to identify evidence gaps

Develop strategic evidence roadmaps to guide data generation efforts


Pricing and Market Access

Qualitative and quantitative payer research to generate and test pricing strategies

Strategic planning and support for health technology assessment (HTA) reviews

Design, calibration, and adjudication of outcomes-based contracts in U.S. and ex-U.S. markets


Commercial Support

Patient support program (PSP) development to ensure successful and compliant patient support

Distribution channel research

Advanced analytics and provider identification to guide field team efforts


Stakeholder communication

Generation of AMCP and global value dossiers to support stakeholder value communication

Publication and dissemination of policy research to advance thought leadership

Review and critique of recommendations from value assessment bodies (e.g., ICER, NICE)

Putting it in Context

Why it Matters

Starting with pre-launch planning and continuing throughout the product life cycle, Medicus provides pricing, access, and policy support to drive success

Identifying value

At the intersection of healthcare economics and market access, Medicus helps clients understand the value of their therapies in an ever-changing treatment landscape. We review historical analogues, develop robust value frameworks, and test hypotheses with economic decision-makers

Demonstrating value

To optimize market success, manufacturers often need to fill evidence gaps to demonstrate treatment value. We help clients identify, prioritize, and plan strategic evidence generation throughout the product life cycle to make sure that value is not left on the table

Delivering value

As novel products reach the market, manufacturers face challenging decisions related to product pricing and market access. We conduct innovative quantitative and qualitative market research to reduce uncertainty for our clients and inform global strategic decisions

Communicating value

As treatment decisions become more complex, it is essential that manufacturers effectively communicate the value of their therapies to diverse stakeholders across the healthcare landscape. We help our clients communicate the value of their products through economic value dossiers, peer-reviewed publications, and market research presentations at industry conferences

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Value & Access Strategy

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Value &

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