Data Analytics
Evidence Generation

Complex analytics to produce straightforward insights

Evidence forms the foundation of every value story. Whether a market is mature or novel, careful data analytics can reveal opportunities for improving patient health outcomes and maximizing value. We apply advanced methodologies to a broad array of data sources—tailoring the approach and resources for each engagement—to deliver insights that guide the value story.

Real-World Evidence

Transforming data

into Knowledge

Customized analytics using real-world data


Unmet need

Quantify the comprehensive burden of disease for patients, caregivers, and the healthcare system

Identify vulnerable populations underserved by existing treatments

Demonstrate the potential value of novel interventions


Real-world trends

Explore rates of disease progression and clinically meaningful events

Summarize treatment patterns and obstacles to improved health outcomes

Compare the effectiveness of existing treatments



Test hypotheses from clinical trials

Measure health outcome metrics important to patients, providers, and payers

Develop custom outcome measurements for specific populations


Value story

Measure cost offsets from reduced healthcare resource use

Validate improved health outcomes from novel treatments

Generate cost-effective evidence to support stakeholder value demonstration

Putting it in Context

Why it Matters

From early-stage development to payer negotiations, Medicus generates evidence throughout the product life cycle

Identifying value

Understanding the burden of disease provides a framework for how novel treatments can add value. Real-world data analyses can help quantify these unmet needs and highlight opportunities for new therapies.

Demonstrating value

Translating brand strategy into outcomes can be complex. Pairing the right data source and analytical methods maximizes the likelihood of capturing the benefits from treatment. Data analysis based on real patient experience provides a powerful tool for making sure these benefits are recognized.

Delivering value

Real-world evidence is growing in availability and importance, and as a result is facing increased scrutiny. Results generated with tailored methods, analytical rigor, and attention to detail can make the difference in regulatory decisions and payer negotiations.

Communicating value

Distilling analytical evidence into value messages that resonate with patients, payers, clinicians, and other stakeholders is critical. Doing this effectively requires a detailed understanding of research methods and data sources, as well as the broader clinical, regulatory, and competitive landscape.

The Medicus Approach to

Evidence Generation


We tailor to
your need

Our priority is finding the right study design and data source for your research question. If the data isn’t available, we help you generate it or think through alternatives.


We apply methodological

Our approach is guided by academic training and extensive experience across analytical methods and data sources. We produce high-quality evidence suitable for peer-review and regulatory scrutiny.


We Know

Our passion is finding new ways to generate evidence that use creative, cutting-edge methods. We rely on a wide range of data sources to tailor analyses based on our clients’ needs.

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